Idea Behind This Addon :
Lots of owners in aurora sites prefer to set purchase balance so users can use it to rent referrals , purchase ads or any other things in site also it can be very good in contests prizes

- How Does It Work ?

1- In admin panel , You will have option to enable or disable purchase balance , Also the minimum and max amount to load for standard and premium members and the amount of discount offered on purchases with it
Minimum amount will help to decrease processor fees , While max amount will help in preventing problems with exceeded amount of loads

2-Now in member profile , If purchase balance is enabled , Option showing member purchase balance and a link to load it

3- In load purchase balance page , Members will see details of minimum and max load . Only entering correct values will make them able to proceed to next page

4- Now in processors page if you are loading funds to purchase balance , Account funds option will be available for members to use it to load money in account balance

* On any other purchase account funds will not appear and only Purchase balance will be available

5- Purchases from purchase balance or balance load will show :

* In member order ledger

* In site order ledger

- About the addon :

1- Coded on SDR 3 but will work on all other aurora scripts without problems , As long as script files AREN'T ENCRYPTED
2- Addon comes installed only , No install files will be gives
3- Addon price is 10$ ( 3$ Extra are charged for sites hosted on non cpanel hosting )
4- Future updates price will be listed with the update when it's released
5- Reinstall price will be 5$


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Purchase balance

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